Austin Gears


Every step gets our community closer to ZERO!

Dear friends,

An estimated 6,000 Central Texans are living with HIV and AIDS in Central Texas; 1 and 8 HIV positive people are unaware of their status. As the Central Texas population grows so does the need for community support.

Funds raised from our campaign will go towards HIV prevention & education, medical/non-medical case management, housing programs, counseling and empowerment groups, food supplement programs, clinics, and more for individuals and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

In honor of AIDS Walk Austin’s 30th anniversary we are encouraging friends, family, and colleagues to donate $30 for 30 years. By giving to AIDS Walk Austin, you are helping to build healthy futures for Centrals Texans and to ensure that the life changing work that is happening in the community can continue.

Thank you for making a difference in someone's life!

Austin Gears