Team Waterloo


Every step gets our community closer to ZERO!

Join us on November 3 as we Step to Zero! This means we are all working together toward ZERO new infections of HIV, ZERO viral loads and ZERO barriers to prevention and care.

You can help us Step to Zero by joining Team Waterloo or making a donation. Waterloo supports the entire community through mental health counseling services that are LGBTQIA+ affirming, affordable and high quality.

The average cost of a single counseling session in Central Texas is $90-$150--a weekly expense that is out of reach for many people. At Waterloo, the average client pays just $25 a session. Clients who are HIV+ and uninsured pay an average of just $6 a session.

You are why Waterloo can keep offering help to everyone who needs us. Our clients are so grateful for your support! Here's what they have to share about their Waterloo experience:

"My Waterloo therapist helped me through one of the most terrifying times in my life by doing an exceptional job of listening and gently reframing. It turned out that short term therapy worked for me, though should I need to return to therapy, I will seek out Waterloo."

"I feel that I have come a long way from where I started. Being able to come to a safe place and speak my mind, heart and soul means the world to me. Too many years I was unable to or not allowed to. I love this time in my life."

Team Waterloo